Bringing Renewable Energy to Africa

Did you know that traditional geysers account for more than 40% of the electricity bill in the average household while a solar geyser will literally pay for itself with the savings from your electricity bill?


Save the environment and save on your electricity bill with a solar geyser.

Based in South Africa, we provide low carbon emission energy solutions to boost Africa’s energy supply and invest in her future.

Our focus is on expansion. We aim to increase, nurture and develop solar projects and initiatives on African soil, because we believe that sustainable energy is not only the answer to Africa’s looming energy crisis, but also the key to poverty reduction and the promotion of economic growth. Cost effective, efficient in remote locations and environmentally friendly, alternative energy is Africa’s ticket to a brighter tomorrow.

To us, this business goes beyond affordability arguments. It goes beyond the fact that a solar geyser will pay for itself with the savings from your electricity bill. This business is about making a difference and following our passion for creating a sustainable future for Africa and her people.

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