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Energy Africa Innovations shall initially provide its customers with solar water heating systems aimed primarily at the residential market. However, the Manufacturer’s partnership programme shall enable franchisees to provide for large commercial and industrial projects, as well as for the solar photovoltaic component of its business in the near future.We use flat plate solar technology in all our systems. Flat plate technology was developed specifically to harness the power of the sun in African conditions, and is far superior to evacuated tubes (developed for European conditions) when applied locally. Understanding the difference between various technologies and how they should be applied is crucial to implementing a system that will really save you money.

Our solar water heating systems have been professionally designed by engineers and are manufactured locally. These systems are made out of compatible materials that have been tried, tested and perfected, for the harsh African conditions. From the harsh hail and thunderstorms throughout the high altitude regions, through to the extreme humidity of the coastal regions, the systems are structured to survive the toughest African conditions.

During 2016 we will roll out a PV stand-by power offering to franchisees and clients, which will include three different stand-by power options and also various other PV offerings.

It is our firm commitment to our clients and franchise base that we will continue to introduce new technology and products in line with our vision of leading the renewable energy revolution, which is upon us.

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